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Business Consulting - We provide consulting services relating to cash flow issues. If you are considering a loan, or want  to find out what your options are in working with your lender on an existing SBA loan, give us a call. If we are not able 
to help you directly, we can connect you to  resource partners who may be able to assist you, including some at no additional cost. 

Business Loan Pre-Flight – Includes interview, preliminary review of financial statements and a 3-5 page summary report.

  • Check readiness for financing – what else is needed
  • Strengths/Weaknesses – what your lender will assess
  • Best Fit – Bank financing, alternative funding sources, other
  • Resources – learn about resources to help you and your business
Why Would You Need this Service?

Lenders don’t have time to help you put together a loan that may not get funded. 
You need to be prepared before you get there. SBA Business Solutions will see 
if you are “bankable,” tell you what your lender’s initial concerns may be, what you 
can do to increase your probability of getting funding, and what funding options to consider (SBA term loan, SBA 504 (fixed-asset financing), line of credit, etc.

If you have just determined that you need a loan, and do not have a relationship with 
a lender, we encourage you to attend one of SBA’s FREE Business Loan Briefings held in Spokane on the 1st and 3rd Thursday of the month. For more information go to:
Call us after you attend the briefing, or if your lender referred you.

Your lender may request a business plan, more in-depth financial statements or background information. We do not offer those services, but can refer you to resources (professional consultants, specific SBDC, or SCORE counselors,) for additional help.

If your lender referred you to us, we will request a release from you to talk with your lender and obtain information from him/her, to help us determine if new financing is feasible. We will also ask your consent to release information from the interview to the lender. Your lender may have concerns that you are not aware of. If we can address those concerns up front, you are more likely to get the loan you want. 

If your lender does not want to proceed with a loan, but we believe your proposal has merit, we may refer you to other lenders (bank and non-bank) who may want to help you.

Referrals are not an endorsement of you or your proposal, but an additional opportunity for financing. Additionally, referrals are not an endorsement of the lender or lending institution.

To arrange an appointment, please contact us by e-mail and we will send you additional forms and a list of what information will be needed. The more complete the package you provide, the more complete your evaluation will be.

Payment is due when service is rendered. If SBA Business Solutions packages the loan for the lender, the amount you paid for the “Pre-Flight” will be deducted from our fees relative to your loan. Because it is only a preliminary review, it is not a guarantee of financing.

Loan Packaging  - You are not required to use a loan packager to get an SBA loan. Some banks will work with you on putting together the paperwork SBA requires for a loan. In those cases, the lender will charge you a packaging fee. 

If you want to put together a proposal you can "shop to several banks" or if your Lender does not have dedicated SBA staff in-house and wants to provide you with that financing option, we can work with you to get the documentation SBA needs to process the loan quickly. 

  • One of the most frequently asked questions is how long a process is it? That actually depends on you. The biggest delay in processing most business loans is getting the information that is needed, which includes personal and business financial statements and other information depending on the size and purpose of the financing. 

  • The Business owner/applicant will be requested to provide information by phone, and in writing or by e-mail at least two times. If the information is not provided, and/or the application is withdrawn,  the package will be closed and no further action taken.

  •  All financial statements, tax returns, and supporting documents must have current signatures and dates. Loan proposal is based upon information provided by the applicant.

  • If the owners/applicants are married, both spouses must sign the personal financial statement, even if the spouse is not a guarantor. This is a requirement of SBA, not your lender. Both signatures are required because the financial statements reflect community property assets.

  • The Fee for Loan Packaging varies by size of loan and complexity of project. Please call us to discuss your proposal. Fees for services rendered are due, regardless of whether or not the loan is approved. SBA requirements state that loan packaging fees cannot be contingent upon approval, since they do not want the packager to promote the loan's approval just to be paid. If at any time we believe that it is unlikely the loan would not be approved, you would be notified at that time, to see if you wanted to proceed, and you would only be liable for work done to that point, not the entire packaging fee. 

  • The loan is approved by the lender and SBA, not SBA Business Solutions, Inc. Information and forms will be provided to the lender for their review and approval prior to submittal to SBA by their staff. 

Business Valuations - financial analysis. If you are considering buying a business, this is critical. The purchaser needs to take into consideration factors that will affect their success in the business - changes in the industry, law, or costs in operation of the business that may not be addressed in the seller's valuation. The valuation can help determine the price you decide to offer. Depending on the size of the loan request, the lender is required by SBA to order its own appraisal, but this is done after the purchase agreement has been drafted.

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Last Updated : October 25, 2011
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