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Lender Services

Your Community Bank/Credit Union is a “prudent lender” – just the type of organization that the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) wants to do business with. Use SBA Loan programs to take the risk out of lending to good customers who may be weak in collateral, or need a longer term than you could otherwise provide. You know how to evaluate credits and service your customers, let us help you with the paperwork so you can get your loan officers producing and more loans on your books in less time.


Lender Training - can be done individually or in a group setting. Classes include:

  • Intro to SBA Lending - When do you use it and why would you want to?
  • The Seven Habits of Effective SBA Lenders
  • SBA Loan Servicing Guidelines for Non-SBA Lenders
  • It's all in the Details - Closing & Funding SBA Loans - for Loan Processors and Closing Personnel
  • Oh No, Now What Do I Do? - Liquidating SBA Loans and requesting the SBA Guaranty

Loan Packaging can be done several ways - we can work from start to finish with the borrower and the bank, the borrower can hire us to package the loan, or we can contract with the bank to package the loan. We can also prepare the SBA loan documentation where the lender has already approved the loan internally, conditioned upon an SBA guarantee. Those costs can be passed on to the customer as part of an overall packaging fee. We can be employed by either the bank or the customer on any given loan approval, but not by both. Please call if you have questions. All packages include:

  • Preparation of SBA 7a loan guaranty application and all attachments
  • Follow up with business owner
  • A supplemental report addressing specific SBA required information including, but not limited to:
    • Financial Ratios comparison, if not already in Lender's report
    • Eligibility issues
    • Ownership and Equity/Contribution 
  • Preparation of SBA Loan Authorization draft for submission to SBA, if required
  • Independent Assessment of applicant's repayment ability and eligibility of SBA Assistance.

Please Note: The loan is approved by the lender and SBA, not SBA Business Solutions, Inc.  

Fee for Loan Packaging varies by size of loan and complexity of project. Please call us to discuss your proposal. Packages contracted but not completed due to lack of information being provided to packager in a timely fashion are subject to a non-completion fee.

Other Services offered:

Bank Consulting Services and Training can be structured to fit your needs without hiring additional staff. Help your existing loan officers learn what tools the SBA can offer to help them meet your customers' needs, and help your loan staff learn what is needed to protect and preserve the SBA Loan Guaranty.

  • Consulting Services - Loan Structure, Options for new and existing loans. 
  • Loan Documentation Review prior to Loan Closing
  • Initial Site Visit
  • Basic business valuation (financial analysis only)
  • Loan Portfolio Review
  • SBA Guaranty Package Review
  • SBA Loan Liquidation Assistance
  • Success Stories - profile how your institution helps small businesses succeed.

Why Choose SBA Business Solutions?

  • Get straight information from someone who has direct experience from an SBA perspective, and who understands your goals and regulations as a Lender.
  • We are an advocate for the bank with SBA and with your customer, explaining things in terminology they can understand.
  • Experienced in SBA Loan Packaging, Training, Liquidations and Workouts, and SBA guaranty purchase preparation.
  • Reduce Staff Time and Expense - Keep your loan officers producing and let us handle the SBA Paperwork. Training sessions include helpuful worksheets and templates to make the job easier.
  • Avoid surprises - Learn what is necessary to keep the SBA guaranty in force.
  • Reduce risk - Has your staff read the new SBA processing and liquidations manuals released October 1, 2011? Are they aware of changes that will impact not only the loans you make in the future, but the ones that are on the books? We provide that expertise without the expense of hiring an additional staff person.
  • We care about the bank and the customer and can provide you both with resources that you may not be aware are available.

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Specializing in SBA loan packaging, training, workouts, & SBA guaranty purchase preparation. Small Business Administration loans and programs.
Last Updated : October 25, 2011
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